Windows Phone Apps You Simply Must Have

I have to admit, I am Windows Phone user, so that might make me a little biased. I love the familiarity of it, plus, there is no denying the fact that it’s a great OS. And even people who swear by Android won’t get into an argument with you, because they know exactly how good Windows Phone really is.

So, what’s the problem? Why isn’t it as popular as Android, or isn’t market leader, as its older brother for PC is? Well, if you’ve ever used a Windows Phone, you’d know why. The number of apps available for Android absolutely dwarfs the number of Windows Phone media apps

Luckily, there has been a shift toward Windows in recent months, albeit not a seismic one, with a number of most popular apps finding its way onto Windows Phone. Still, the thing that bugs me is that, even though some apps have found its way onto Windows Phone, they are often limited on features, looking more like stripped down versions of their Android counterparts.

To me, it seems like some of the developers were in a rush to release their apps for Windows as soon as possible, so hopefully, the apps will improve over time. Let’s get onto why we’re here, and that’s

Windows Phone apps every user must have.


Well, it took a while, but it’s finally here, and not a moment too soon. Frankly, I was a bit frustrated having to look at other people checking out Facebook on their Android phones, while I couldn’t do the same on mine. Yes, Windows Phone People app would let you access Facebook contacts, and provide you with the latest updates, but it never quite did it for me.

Now, though, with the official Facebook app firmly in place on my phone, I get the full service. I can post updates, pics, check-ins, and all the usual stuff, but what’s I love the most is that you can set your favorite photos to cycle on your lock screen.


OK, this one is a bit strange, since it should have been on Windows Phone much sooner, considering that Microsoft actually owns Skype. Nevertheless, in the times of megapixel cameras, and fast internet connections, Skype is just about the most important app out there. You can now video chat with other Skype users, regardless of what platform they are using, and this includes Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows, among others.

But, there is more, apart from its trademark video feature. You can also use Skype to send texts, call other cell phone users or even land lines at much cheaper rates then you normally would if you weren’t using Skype.


I didn’t like Vine at first, much like I didn’t like its cousin Twitter at first. 140 characters? What on Earth could say with just 140 characters? Turns out that I was wrong. I did the same when Vine came around. I believe I said: “We already have GIF!”, before I raised my fist triumphantly. OK, I didn’t really do that, but the point is, I was wrong again. I underestimated how clever people can be. Vine app for Windows Phone not only lets you view your favorite Vine vids, but it allows you to make and upload your very own vids. Brilliant.

Try out these apps for yourself.

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