What Type of Kindle is Right for You?

Kindle makes popular e-readers and tablets. These mobile libraries and entertainment units are impressive but numerous. One product does not necessarily stand out over another. Consumers are encouraged to evaluate their needs before purchasing one. Tablets or e-readers don’t have to be a huge investment, but you do want to make sure it has all of the tools you want.

For Readers

Kindle has two different kinds of screens. One looks like a real book (called E-ink), and the other has a conventional LCD screen. You can read from both types, but again, the E-ink versions look more like books. The E-ink Kindles are pretty much just e-readers. They are not for web browsing, watching videos, or any other interactive entertainment.kindle types 33

One upside to a dedicated e-reader is the mobility. It’s very light weight since you don’t have to carry around an LCD screen and all the hardware that comes with that. For folks who want the LCD but are mainly using their Kindle for reading may find the light hard on their eyes. It is adjustable, but that is the main complaint among users.

E-ink Kindles: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite 3G, and Kindle DX

For Gamers

E-ink readers are not ideal for the games available on Kindle tablets. Mostly because they just don’t have that capability. LCD tablets are best for gamers. There are varieties of sizes and screen quality that can make gaming more enjoyable. The Kind Fire line is what Kindle offers for this purpose. The Fire is an Amazon-centric Android OS, and offers apps and games through the Amazon Appstore as opposed to Google Play.

LCD Kindles: Fire HD 7”, Fire HD 8.9”, Fire HDX 7”, and Fire HDX 8.9”.

For a Small Budget

Kindle makes products to fit most budgets. The most inexpensive is the Kindle. It’s a basic e-reader with E-ink that has very few bells and whistles compared to the Fire line. It comes with a basic touch keyboard, but it is not ideal for word processing. If you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive e-reader, the Kindle is it.

For Size

The Kindle DX is their largest offering coming in at 9.7”. It is ideal for looking at PDFs, and it could be really useful for those who are hard of seeing. The price goes up a bit due to size. That may factor into your choice. It does not come with a built-in light, and the wifi is said to drain the battery considerably over other Kindle models

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